The Winter Solstice

December 21, 2018


I’v been planning out my garden for next year, since I finally have some space to build and grow on. Im building a couple 10’ x 4’ raised beds along the length of the lot. Its a small garden for sure, but it will give me a taste of it to start with.

I will be making my own compost, out of the scraps from our food that is usually discarded without a thought. I remember the days when my mother would have a big stainless steel bowl out on the kitchen counter filled with egg shells, carrot shavings, banana peels and so forth. It was a delightful sight, not really. Every couple of days the bowl would return empty as she dropped the contents in the garden and the cycle would start over again. So, come April, I will be doing the same.

If your an experienced gardener, you’ve probably already picked up that I am a little late on planting. While other gardeners were toiling in late fall to get their last spring plants in the ground, I was in the process of moving into the apartment where I am now. Gardening is the biggest test of patience, something I have been trying to learn more. It is a trying, but rewarding endeavor. You get one shot, once a year, and you may not be successful.

I have a big batch of seeds waiting to be germinated under the heat lamp in my basement. Some perennials, others annuals and biennials. I know for many of them, I won’t see blooms from in the first year. For instance, Foxgloves. A biennial plant, which means the first year it grows the base of the plant (the leaves), then the following year, its tall flower stalks. A section of the raised beds will be assigned to my experimental flowers. Such as some unusual varieties of bearded iris (my favorite flower) and a Campanula variety called “Takesimana,” a Korean shaped flower.

Other flowers that will be planted will be Irises, scabiosa, hellebore, a few varieties of vines including clematis and hopps as well as many other foliage to balance out the garden. I hope to have this little section of the website to document my experiences with gardening as well as any tips and information I gather from this new little endeavor. It won’t be all, I will be sharing more thoughts and ideas, the more technical side of flowers and arranging and any studio shoots I have. I hope you enjoy!